DeDeSales accelerates
your processes

Would you like to boost your sales?

Good control and comprehensive knowledge: the better your sales force understands its target market and its needs, the more your sales will grow. DeDeSales ensures seamless process optimisation for your sales and supports you with all of the knowledge that your team needs for successful meetings.

Create new selling opportunities for your sales force! 

The faster an order is entered, the more time your sales force has for its clients. The mobile and offline-capable DeDeSales software creates the freedom they need. 


Would you like to get to know your clients better? 

Knowing your clients and understanding their needs allows you to generate sales faster from meetings. With a 360° view of your clients, DeDeSales helps your sales team achieve exactly that!

Stay flexible – at all times and in all places.

Whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or MDE: DeDeSales is available on virtually any endpoint. Use our digital sales force solution with Android or iOS. Windows tablets are also supported, of course.


Wie kann DeDeSales die Vertriebsprozesse Ihres Unternehmens optimieren?

DeDeNet –

As the experts in the development of mobile software solutions, we act as partners to support SME-sector companies from the fields of retail, industry and service with customised IT solutions that optimise their processes.