Do you want to strengthen your sales power?

Every piece of vital customer information available at all times – central, mobile and in digital format! With the DeDeSales sales power software, your sales team gain a 360° view of clients and their orders, allowing them to increase their performance in an instant.


DeDeSales allows you to process orders while still with the customer – efficiently and paper-free!


During a client visit, your sales team is perfectly prepared to jump straight into the order entry process via the software and even complete it offline! This accelerates order processing by your sales power and optimises your selling opportunities! 



Your advantages with DeDeSales


Offline capability

Complete flexibility for your sales force.


Scope of functions

Mobile CRM and records for successful customer meetings.



Achieve sales faster thanks to convenient operability.



Can be used on all popular mobile endpoints.



How can you profit from DeDeSales?


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The 360° Functions in the Basic Module


No enquiries, no waiting, no unnecessary red tape: DeDeSales is your virtual assistant for a successful sales force with an all-round view of your clients. 


 ACTIVITIES: „I will log and
inform you of all activities that have
taken place and any upcoming
tasks resulting from the customer meeting.“

 NOTES: „I provide support for your
engagement with the customer and
remind your sales force of individual
customer loyalty measures.“

have all relevant customer
information and addresses ready
- online and offline.“

all the details of your contact
persons at hand. I transfer
changes made by the sales force
directly, and make them available centrally.“

 CUSTOMER FILES: „I am your digital
back office and I have in store all offers,
contracts and individual agreements
at any time.“

 PHOTO FUNCTION: „I'll show you
what the sales floor should look like
at your customer’s premises,
how it currently looks like, and
what it has looked like in the past.“


Would you like to learn more about all of the possibilities our sales power software can offer for your sales? We will be happy to advise you!


Contacting us

Perfectly prepared for clients with DeDeSales

If your sales force is to achieve long-term success, it must know your clients. With DeDeSales, it has intelligent software to hand that accompanies it through every phase of the order-handling process with all of the information it needs. Harness all of the advantages of digital sales force software and impress your clients with first-class support!


Sales process

the appointment


the appointment

Order entry

the appointment

360° view

Modules for every application


Customised IT solutions support your sales force’s success. So with DeDeSales, you have the choice of further modules that match you and your clients perfectly. 
After all, DeDeSales is the digital sales force solution for every requirement! 















Exchange Mail









Key account



LeaD Management





Success stories with DeDeSales

Schleich GmbH

Six countries, numerous sales force staff and a product that has enjoyed tremendous acclaim for over 60 years: Schleich GmbH from Schwäbisch Gmünd markets realistic animal figurines made from plastic known as Schleich animals. To step up its marketing and to process orders faster, the sales force uses DeDeSales.

Habermaass GmbH DeDeSales

HABA has been accompanying children on their adventures for more than 80 years with games and toys that challenge and develop them, but most importantly are fun to play with. The toy manufacturer’s successful sales team was to benefit from fast order capture and processing thanks to a mobile, reliable and intuitively operable field sales solution. DeDeSales meets all these requirements and is now merging tradition and the modern world in terms of sales at HABA.

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